Thanks to Hazel  Storm 11yrs GSD has just had an amazing vet report today.   Storm fell out of the back of the car 13 month ago.  he gets massage from Hazel twice a month and the vet was amazed at his progress.   his muscles are so much better  and he is back to being a very happy healthy dog. I  am  so pleased to  have bumped into Hazel last March  thanks Hazel from Storm and Rose Mcshane


Cant say how much hazel has helped our dog Sasha ( 9 years old ) she could only go out for 30 min walks and that would cripple her as of her arthritis but since hazel has worked her magic she can get up to an hour walk. We no longer have to give her pain tablets every day which always upsets her tummy. We have seen such an improvement in out dog she became a pup again all thanks to this. Cant recommend enough!!


Our two greyhounds have each had a couple (well, 3 for Simon) of sessions from Hazel and we're delighted with how they're progressing. Simon has always looked just that bit stiff and slightly crab-like in his movement but since his massages is looking much straighter and looser. Sophie has an issue with a plate in her leg and a trembling back end when she stands for any period of time, and Hazel is finding lots of tight painful areas in her muscles which are gradually being released. We love the way Hazel works, she's so careful and gentle with the dogs while at the same time getting results. We'll definitely keep going once their initial issues are sorted, they're both 10yo and it will help them so much as they get older. 


I was recommended Hazel by a friend for my greyhound who has a few 'issues'. He had tests at the vet and medically he was found to beq sound so they thought it was muscular or behavioural. Hazel is a lovely, calm, relaxing person to be around and the dogs clearly sense that and feel at ease. Polo enjoys his massages with Hazel and she's done wonders at releasing the tension in his muscles. I'll go back with him regularly to keep on top of it. I have also had my whippet cross to Hazel twice now, minnie had cruciate surgery few years ago and is suffering now with arthritis as well as muscular pain from over compensation. Only minnies 2nd session but I am hopeful that minnie continues to get relief from her sessions with Hazel. I'd highlighy recommended Hazel


Hazel is fantastic i highly recommend her. My dog has seen Hazel now many times and it really helps him move more easily and with less pain.


The ELCCMC were at our dog show today. Cannot recommend them highly enough. So professional and friendly service. Absolutely delighted


Took Bruce here on Friday for a free assessment. Hazel was lovely and Bruce was totally relaxed, as was I. She spent a lot of time with us but didn't think he had any muscular problems. I admired her honesty and would certainly recommend her. Bruce didn't want to leave

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