Frequently asked questions

Why do I need Vet consent for you to see my dog?

I respect and abide by the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966 and Exemption Order 2015 by never working upon an animal without gaining prior veterinary approval. This means that it is against the law for me to work on your dog without first gaining vet consent as well as invalidating my insurance .

It is also in your dog’s best interest to make sure he/she is well enough for massage and has no contraindications for me to perform massage.

You can download a vet consent form for your vet here

Do I stay with my dog during the session?

**Update - Normally you would be asked to stay with your dog. But now there must be a 2M distance whilst I work with your dog due to COVID-19.

Yes, you stay with the dog and are involved in the whole experience. I will ask you to be with your dog to help him/her relax and keep a watchful eye on them as you know your dog best and can tell how they are feeling. Many owners find it a good bonding experience and also leave feeling they too have shared in the relaxing experience.

On occasions and owner may be asked to leave if I feel they too excitable for their dog. This rarely happens but please do not be offended if asked to leave.

How long is each session?

The initial session is up to 1.5hrs long as we tend to spend around half an hour examining your dog and chatting to you about his/her life and changes that might have occurred that has brought your dog to massage. After that each session is around 1 hr long.

How much does it cost to and how often would I need my dog to attend?

Each session is £36. As a Canine Massage Guild member, I aim to see results with 1 to 3 sessions. This means that I hope to see a positive outcome after 3 weekly appointments. It is best to make sure you can do 3 appointments around 7 to 10 days apart initially. After that it depends on each individual dog and their issue. Here are 2 extreme examples:

Example1: A normally fit. young and healthy dog becomes lame due to a strain in a muscle. The dog attends 3 weekly sessions and is back to full fitness – I wouldn’t expect to see this dog again.

Example 2: An older dog with osteoarthritis has become stiff after a walk, slowing down and struggling to get up onto the sofa. After 3 weeks I would hope to see that the dog is less stiff, not as slow and can possibly get back onto that comfy sofa, he/she may need a few extra sessions to make sure he/she is comfortable. However, due to the arthritis I would expect to see this dog again as he starts to stiffen up again. This could be anything from monthly to only every 6 months – totally depends on the dog and you their owner.

What do I need to bring?

Please bring along a face mask and hand sanitiser for use during the session. You may wish to bring a chair if you plan to sit nearby in the garden as all work is now carried out outside due to COVID-19. You may want to bring warm /waterproof clothing or you can sit in your car. Please bring along some poo bags just in case! You also need to bring along the SIGNED vet consent form or I won’t be able to do any work on your dog for that session and you will still be charged.

Where are you and is their parking?

Due to COVD-19 I am now working from home and this will involve working outdoors in my garden. There is parking on the road outside my cottage or across the road in the old farm yard. The location can be found on the map at the bottom fo the page. Do not use the postcode as it doesn't take you to quite the right place.

Do you do any CPD – Continued Professional Development?

Yes, as a Canine Massage Guild member I am required to do 25hrs of CPD every year. I am continually learning and developing my skills to ensure I give your dog the best I can. I am just currently back from learning more Lenton MethodTM techniques which I know will help some of the dogs I currently work with.

The type of work that I do is always changing and being challenged so it is vital to keep ahead to be able to continue to work with your dog.

Can't find your question/answer?

Please contact me: info@dogmassage-eastlothian.co.uk

My dog is really nervous, can you still see her?

I am happy to do an assessment of your dog during the first session or try to pop along to one of my free muscular health checks to discuss further. I can take it very slow with your dog until they feel comfortable with me and we can discuss how we can go about doing this. If I feel that massage will not suit your dog then I will ask you to return to your vet to find alternative ways to help. Due to COVID-19 it could be more difficult due to social distancing that must be maintained at present. You won't go away empty handed though as there is plenty advice about changes to your dogs activities and environment that I am happy to give you whilst your dog tried to acclimatise to their surroundings.

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