East Lothian Clinical Canine Massage Centre


Does your dog experience any of the following?

  • Lameness/Limping

  • Stiffness

  • Difficulty going up/down stairs

  • Quicker recovery from operations/injury eg: Cruciate

  • Signs of Ageing

  • Back/Neck/Shoulder Pain

  • Performance Issues eg: Agility, knocking poles, Obedience; send away

  • Arthritis, Hip/Elbow Dysplasia

  • Reluctant on walks

  • Disinterested in life

  • Twitching down back

  • Old before their time

  • Gait/Posture Irregularities eg: roaching/swayback

  • Nervous/Anxious/Touch Shy

  • Quivering of the skin

  • Nibbling at back end

  • Crying/Yelping in pain

What to expect after a Massage

  • Better movement

  • Reduced stiffness

  • Significantly reduced pain levels

  • Resolution or significant reduction of lameness

  • A ‘younger’ dog

  • An improved mood,

  • Happy to go on and enjoying walks again

  • Able to go up/down stairs,

  • Able to get in/out of car

  • Got their ‘zest’ back for life,

  • Coping better with Arthritis

  • Improved working/agility performance eg: not knocking poles, good contacts and weave entry,

  • Better posture eg: no more swayback or roaching

  • More fluid, effortless gait

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